Couples therapy


Are you and your partner experiencing seemingly intractable differences? Do you find yourselves in ongoing conflict over finances, parenting, or other day-to-day issue? Do you struggle with intimacy?

Challenges like these are startlingly common in long-term relationships, and a majority of couples experience difficulties at some point in their journey. 

What is couples therapy or relationship counseling?

Couples therapy, also known as relationship or couples counseling, involves talking through areas of conflict, as well as emotions like anger, sadness and unmet expectations, with a qualified therapist. The goal of couples therapy is to help couples improve their ability to communicate, develop empathy for their partner's point of view, and take steps toward more productive ways of relating.

Our approach

Our Minnesota couples therapy clients see Angie O'Shea, MA, LMFT. A highly skilled therapist, Angie helps couples in conflict recognize underlying issues and unhealthy patterns and create more productive ways of relating.

Our clinic provides a safe and relaxed environment in which to explore and discuss these sometimes painful issues. Individuals also find that they can bring the tools and insights they learn here to other family and working relationships.

Couples therapy is typically offered on a weekly schedule, but can be adapted as needed. Our office is conveniently located in Excelsior, MN, just 15 minutes west of Minneapolis.



A note about insurance

Please know that we are not an in-network provider for any insurer; however, we can provide you with the necessary paperwork so you can submit a claim to your insurer for out-of-network providers and services. Learn more

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