Adolescent and Child Therapy


Holt office interior 03Nearly all children and adolescents go through difficult stages where they may act out, withdraw, experience mood swings or experiment in what may be considered risky activities. For teens, the stresses of increased schoolwork, busy schedules and changing brain chemistry can wreak emotional havoc. 

But when difficulties are prolonged, create strife within the family, become dangerous or negatively impact a child's ability to function in school or elsewhere, therapy can be the key to turning the tide and helping him or her regain solid psychological footing.

Angie O'Shea, MA, LMFT is a highly skilled and compassionate therapist who works with children and adolescents experiencing a wide range of issues from anxiety and depression to eating disorders and self-harming.

Should your child seek therapy?

Parents considering therapy for their children often wonder if the issues their child is experiencing stem from biology or are the result of outside influences. While there is no definitive answer, typically a variety of factors are at play. Once we begin working together, these questions begin to sort themselves out, and appropriate therapies are discussed.

Our approach

We always begin therapy with both you and your child to understand the issues and family dynamics. Following sessions are typically between Angie and your child; often a parent may be invited in at the end of the session. We also offer separate sessions for parents as needed.

It is important that the child trust that what they say to the therapist is held in confidence, so while we keep you informed of the general tone and direction of your child's therapy, we don't discuss specifics unless warranted. For further clarification, just ask, or  see the FAQ.

Children and adolescents who see Angie for therapy will find an attentive and thoughtful listener and trusted ally. Angie is uniquely skilled in helping her young clients develop an awareness of the underlying issues as well as the ways forward to greater control, self-esteem and self-acceptance. 



A note about insurance

Please know that we are not an in-network provider for any insurer; however, we can provide you with the necessary paperwork so you can submit a claim to your insurer for out-of-network providers and services. Learn more

Available 24/7

We are here for you. If you have an urgent or emergency situation after hours, call the office at 952-467-6214 and leave a message. We will return your call as soon as possible.

Not sure who to see?

When you call our office to set up an appointment, you will likely talk with Becky, our clinic administrator and a registered nurse. Becky is the first screen to help us determine what path to take in your recovery plan. 

The professional you see will depend on your unique circumstances and situation. Learn more