DrAllisonHolt forensic


When an objective, in-depth psychiatric evaluation is required in a legal matter, whether civil or criminal, Dr. Holt is well qualified. Dr. Holt provides adult, adolescent, and child forensic psychiatry as well as independent medical evaluations (IMEs) for disability cases in Minnesota and throughout the Twin Cities.
She is esteemed for her ability to distill complex medical and legal issues, and presents her findings in understandable language in documents as well as testimony. 

Dr. Holt has specialized expertise in forensic and correctional psychiatry and is insistent on the need for objectivity in her forensic role. To that end, she is meticulous in her research and evaluation of evidence.

At once independent and thorough, she is able to take the role of expert witness on the side of either the defense or the plaintiff.

In addition, Dr. Holt is one of very few forensic psychiatrists in the greater Minneapolis area handling cases involving children and adolescents as well as adults. 

To contact Dr. Holt in regard to a forensic matter, call the office at 952-467-6214.



“I enjoy the challenge of making complex psychiatric information understandable, and helping a judge, jury or attorney come to a reasonable and thoughtful decision."